Class of 1957
Restored Tucumcari Depot Photo by Rev. Denny Bryant
Restored Tucumcari Depot Photo by Rev. Denny Bryant

Dear Tucumcari Classmates of 1957:


Our 55th 2012 Rattler Reunion is now past and a good time was had by all.  The Golden Rattler Reunion was successfully held at the restored Tucumcari Train Depot Museum.   Four of our classmates are establishing members of the Friends of the Depot:  Frank Turner, Bob Sandusky, Bill Curry & Dick Potts.  They have accomplished a great deal toward a revitalization of Tucumcari via the grant received from Main Street America.  You should be proud!

 An over-flowing enthusiastic crowd attended this premier occasion.  The beauty of the restoration was enhanced by a Classical Guitar performance by our own Louis Abeyta and the effective period deco by Jan Scruggs Honeycutt and her committee.  Architectural drawings of the current and future development of the Depot were on display.  Everyone was encouraged to fill out a biographical form telling about their family’s railroad involvement through the years.  This will help to establish the local history of the Tucumcari Train Depot, a cornerstone of Tucumcari economic history. 

 The Golden Rattler Reunion banquet is the ultimate commitment for the Class of 1957.  All future events will continue to be hosted by the respective 30th, 50th & 55th classes.  Therefore, all future communication regarding any of our class events will be posted on our Web Site:  www.   This letter will be the last snail mail you will receive.  If you do not have email service and you wish to stay in contact, please forward to the Class Coordinators, Louis Abeyta & Rossanna Hays, an email address of family or friends who can be relied upon to inform you.  Enclosed is the current email address list we have on file.  

Please take note of the recent photos and articles posted on our web site as there are many new entries in which you will undoubtedly be interested.  Please share and keep in touch with your classmates.

 Your Class Coordinators,

Louis Abeyta 

Rossanna Hamilton Hays 

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Class of 1957/2007 Reunion  (Photo by James Crocker)
Class of 1957/2007 Reunion (Photo by James Crocker)
1957 Classmates @ the 2011 Annual Tucumcari Reunion
1957 Classmates @ the 2011 Annual Tucumcari Reunion
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